Jacob Legge
1838 - 1907

Mason to the Duke of Richmond & Gordon 1886-1906
Constructed many notable buildings in Fochabers

Gordon Castle from the terrace

Jacob Legge came to Fochabers from Buckie during the 1870's in connection with the starting of the tobacco factory by the late Mr John Simpson. Later he commenced business as a builder on his own account. A vacancy for a builder on the Richmond and Gordon Estate in 1886 led to his appointment as mason to the ducal home, a position he maintained until his retirement in 1906, aged 68.

During his years of service to the Duke and Duchess, he was commissioned to oversee a number of important projects at the Castle as well as in the village itself. The Duchess decided that many of the houses approaching dereliction be replaced by fine, comfortable estate houses. Within the castle grounds, Jacob assisted in the development of the splendid gardens, establishing noble fountains, classic and graceful vases, handsome centrepieces and miles of balustrading.

Jacob Legge was an enthusiastic volunteer in all the many activities which took place in the village. He enjoyed shooting and was renowned as a crack shot.