William Alexander Baxter
1877 - 1973
Etheldreda Adam Baxter
1883 - 1963

Food Manufacturers
Joint Founders of W A Baxter & Sons Ltd, Fochabers

William Baxter and Ethel Adam were married in 1914 as the nation went to war. It was Ethel who persuaded her new groom to leave the family grocer's business in Spey Street, Fochabers, to set up a small factory across the River Spey. Ethel, a woman of foresight, energy and practicality, as well as enormous determination, ran the small jam making factory while her husband went out to seek orders for their products. William would send his orders by train each night on his travels and Ethel would ensure that each order was personally dealt with, experimenting with new technology to best advantage. Their emphasis on quality founded the reputation the company continues to earn both at home and in many overseas markets.