William Wishart MA BSc

Rector of Milne's Institution 1901-1932
Influential mentor to Fochabers pupils over three decades

In the minds of a great multitude of former pupils' thoughts of their school days are inseparably intertwined with thoughts of William Wishart, who came as head of the Institution in 1901. He had a distinguished career in the University of Edinburgh, of which he was a graduate in Arts and in Science. New methods introduced by Wishart to encourage students to strive to be the best they could had excellent results and secured for the Institution a worthy place among the outstanding secondary schools of the North East of Scotland. He was a man of the highest principle and his insistence on punctuality, perseverance, honourable dealings and right relationships made the Institution not only a centre of learning but also a school of character. He was greatly loved and respected for his gentle bearing and courteous attitude. In the succession he was the most distinguished of rectors of Milne's Institution and in its history his name will always have an outstanding and honoured place.